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About Zahara de los Atunes

About Zahara de los Atunes | Info on Zahara de los Atunes



Population: 1,300 – Altitude: 10 Mt

Zahara de los Atunes is a lovely seaside village on the Costa de la Luz, in the province of Cadiz, 10 km east of Barbate.
It 's a special place, with huge white beaches, that even in the peak of summer are never full.

Zahara maintains a quiet and typical appearance, although it has recently become a popular tourist destination. The town was supposedly born as a small Phoenician settlement, and its history has always been linked to tuna fishing, with the village that still spreads around the old Almadraba walls, the place where tuna was stored and processed.
The Almadraba in fact is an ancient fishing technique developed by the Romans, still in use today throughout the Mediterranean area to catch tuna.

The Almadraba area in Zahara, becomes a market and a fairground during the summer months.
 The town also mantains a rural aspect, with cows and horses grazing freely in the surrounding fields, overlooked by the towering white wind turbines, creating a surreal but fascinating scenery.

One of the wonders of Zahara de los Atunes are its beaches, with Playa de los Alemanes on top of the list. It’s still a secluded site, with no beach bars or equipments, you have to climb down few steep steps to reach it, but is really worth the effort.

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