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Walking in Aracena

  • Aracena gives its name to the surrounding mountains and to the natural park of the Sierra de Aracena, a protected area that extends along the whole northern province of Huelva.
 Rich in cork oaks, pines and chestnuts woods, with evergreen meadows and rivers flowing, is the perfect home for many animal species.
  • Here you can walk through different routes, both hills paths or plain paved roads. The nature is still unspoiled, and the climate is generally pleasant; the walks can last three hours on average. Of course you can also choose to spend the whole day hiking on longer trails.
  • Do not miss a visit to the Gruta de las Maravillas, a cave located under the Castle of Aracena. It’s a work of nature, an underground tunnel 1,200 meters long, with 12 rooms and no less than 6 lakes.


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