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What to see in Vejer de la Frontera

What to see and do in Vejer de la Frontera



Las Murallas. You can still see traces of the ancient walls that defended Vejer de la Frontera, in some places the walls are still intact while in other it seems they disappear inside Vejer’s houses. The walls were built in the fifteenth century, after the Catholic reconquest.

La Plaza de España or 'Plaza de los Pescaitos'. It's the nicest and best known square of Vejer, surrounded by date palms and large bougainvillea. It takes its nickname from the goldfish that swam in the large fountain. Also interesting is the townhall building, overlooking the square, with its facade, dating from the XVI century.

House of Mayorazgo. It is located near the Sancho El Bravo door, and is a private house where five families live together. You can go and visit the great courtyard, it’s free and you only be asked to leave a small donation. It 's interesting to see how, even today, these families can easily share all spaces, including bathrooms and kitchen.

NMAC contemporary art installation. It is located 6 km from Vejer, in the Dehesa de Montenmedio and was created by the Fundación NMAC. It's an open air museum, with small "rooms" under the trees, where the works of contemporary artists from all over the world are displayed, perfectly blending with the surroundings. Art courses are also organized for children.

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