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Festivals and Food in Tarifa

Festivals in Tarifa | Food in Tarifa




The African Film Festival of Tarifa. It is celebrated since 2003 every year in June and is dedicated to African movies, an interesting and still unknown world. 

La Feria de la Virgen de la Luz. Tarifa’s festival, held in honor of the Virgin patron of the town, it’s celebrated during the first week of September. These are days of music, performances, concerts and events, with parties going on all night, in Spanish style.


Tarifa’s location in between two continents, and the consistent international influence that characterizes this town, have developed an interesting blend of cuisines. Many restaurants here have dishes that mix european and african gastronomy, and you can find all sorts of food cultures, Italian, Moroccan, French and of course Spanish are just few of them.

Local products includes predominantly fresh fish, tuna, sardines and anchovies.
 In summertime try a local chiringuito where a good tuna steak washed down by a chilled Cadiz white wine will be the perfect match for a sunset over the Atlantic Ocean.

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