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About Seville

About Seville | Info on Seville



Population: 703,000 - Altitude: 10 Mt - Website: www.visitasevilla.es

Seville, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is the political, cultural and arts capital of Andalucia. Located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, Seville is also considered the birthplace of flamenco.

Founded by the Romans, the city enjoyed a first period of great splendor during the Moorish domination which begun in 1085 and lasted until 1248 when Ferdinand III "The Saint" conquered the city and brought more than 20,000 catholic settlers to repopulate it, as the muslim population was forced to leave. By the 14th century Seville was the most important city of the Kingdome of Castile.

Seville’s second period of great development began after the discovery of the Americas, as the city won the official monopoly of trade with the new world, turning fast into one of the biggest and richest cities of the time.
 Unfortunately between 1647 and 1652 the so called Great Plague of Seville killed more than a quarter of the population, this event together with the authorization given to the city of Cádiz to also be a port of trade with the Americas, ended abruptly this long flourishing period.

Today the capital of Andalusia is a thriving city, full of monuments, arts and culture. The historical and traditional neighborhoods in the city center like the Barrio de Santa Cruz, Triana and La Macarena, are perfectly preserved and full of life, with their narrow streets and bars on every corner, from which the notes of a flamenco guitar are a common sound (especially in Triana).
 Seville is also a modern city, with universities and international schools, full of tourists and foreign residents, with wifi hotspots across the whole center.

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