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XTREME DIVE Technical Diving (Cabo de Gata)

XTREME DIVE scuba diving, Cabo de Gata, Spain.


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Scuba diving
Cabo de Gata

C/ Mayor, 26
Las Hortichuelas Bajas-Níjar
Cabo de Gata
04116 Almería

+34 950 388 141 / +34 637 34 12 08

Xtreme Dive is a technical diving school, and the difference from recreational diving is that there is more risk and potential danger, allowing less room for error.

Technical diving is an "extreme" scuba diving, leading experts and qualified divers at greater depths than the usual recreational diving. It is marked by a much larger amount of equipment and training requirements to handle the additional danger that this type of diving entails.

Xtreme Dive develops the full TDI & Tec Rec training range, having courses throughout the year, both Open Circuit (Advanced Nitrox, decompressive procedures, Extended Range, Trimix ..) and Closed Circuit, such as gas mixer courses, confined environments, rebreathers, etc.

Otherwise, if you're only interested in recreational scuba diving, you can contact the Cortijo Subacuático, buddy school of Xtreme Dive.