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About Roquetas de Mar

About Roquetas de Mar | Info on Roquetas de Mar



Pop 83,000 - Alt 10 Mt - Website: www.aytoroquetas.org

Roquetas de Mar is a town in the province of Almeria, located on the Mediterranean shore, 20 Km west of the provincial capital; home to the natural reserve of Punta Entinas-Sabinar, a complex of dunes, lakes and miles of fine beaches.

Roquetas was founded by the Phoenicians who named the city Turania, and was populated by the Romans, who abandoned it after a flood.
Then came the Moors and the pirates, a widespread problem in whole south Meditarranean region for centuries.

Roquetas in the recent past has lived mainly on fishing and agricolture, with the latest still being a pillar of the local economy. But then in the ‘60s also the tourism industry began to develop in Roquetas, attracting Spanish and Northen Europeans with its white beaches and a crystal clear sea.

Currently Roquetas de Mar’s hotels can cater for more than 25,000 people, the town has a great golf course in Playa Serena, and two harbors, the fishing port on the beaches of Roquetas and the marina in Aguadulce.

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