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Festivals and Food in Ronda

Festivals in Ronda | Food in Ronda



La Semana Santa. Easter Holy Week, declared of National Tourist Interest in Ronda. Both in religious and folkloristic terms this is an interesting event, displaying more than 15 processions organized by 14 different hermandades (brotherhoods).

La Feria de Pedro Romero. Ronda’s festival known also as the Feria Goyesca, is celebrated during the first week of September. The main attraction is represented by the Corrida, the bullfight, preceeded by a procession of carriages pulled by beautiful Andalusian horses; all the participants are dressed up in typical eighteenth century’s costumes.

The Ronda Film Festival. Is usually organized in December with the purpose to link movies and politics creating an interesting debate.


Food in Ronda is based on mountain products, soups and stews abound, like oxtail, rabbit, partridge or quail stews. If your more into fish, the fresh water trout is quite common.

As a side dish some fresh vegetables will add taste to your plate, you'll find mushrooms in autumn and fennels or asparagus in the spring.
 Jamon serrano (cured ham) and chorizo (spicy sausage) are always a safe choice.

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