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What to see in Mojacar

What to see and do in Mojacar



Puerta de la Almedina. As the Arabic inscription states this was the point of entrance to the city. Built in 1574, shows Mojacar's coat of arms, the two-headed eagle of the reign of Asturias, a sign of loyalty to this land from the times of the Alpujarra battle.

El Arrabal. It is the old quarter of Mojacar, is located outside the town's walls and reached its maximum size in the nineteenth century, even if its building started two centuries earlier. It is believed this was a Jewish neighborhood, due to its architectural structure, with low doors and flat interiors. It's the only place of Mojacar from where you cannot see the Mediterranean Sea.

El Mirador del Castillo. It's a gazebo lookout overlooking the sea, which complements the spectacular views that can be seen from the Mirador of Plaza Nueva. There is an ancient restored well of Arab origin, which now houses a private museum.


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