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Festivals and Food in Mojacar

Festivals in Mojacar | Food in Mojacar




El Entierro de la Sardina. The burying of the Sardine, it's a special festivity, which celebrates the passage from carnality to spirituality. Cardboard sardines are burned and buried after a mass celebrated by a fake priest. It is held on Ash Wednesdays, after Carnival and before Easter week.

Moros y Cristianos. The Moors and Christians celebration is held on the closest weekend to June the 10th. The streets of Mojacar are joyful and filled with colors, where a parade of people dressed up in Moors and Christians costumes takes place.

Noche de San Juan. On the 24th of June, San Juan's night celebrates the arrival of summertime with parties and bonfires on the beach.

Fiesta de San Agustín. It takes place on August 28 in honor of the patron saint of Mojacar. Features the "corridas de Cintas" or horse races in which horses are adorned with embroidered laces hand made by virgin girls.



Mojacar has always been a fishing village, but its food includes dishes from the mainland, such as game, poultry and vegetables from the local countryside.

Among the products of the sea, you can enjoy sea breams, scorpion fishes, shrimps, prawns and many more delights, either grilled on the "plancha" or cooked in a soup.

The local wine is the wine of Almeria, which is produced in the surrounding area and often sold at retail to restaurants and hotels, helping to develop the local economy.

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