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About Mojacar

About Mojacar | Info on Mojacar



Population: 7.745 - Altitude: 152 mt  - Website: www.mojacar.es

Mojacar is located in Almeria's province near the border with Murcia's region. The town overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and its strategic position has ensured that the area was inhabited as far back as the Bronze Age, 2000 years before Christ.

The village name derives from the Greek Murgis-Akra, a name that evolved to the actual Mojacar during the Moorish domination.

One of the 'significant events in Mojacar's history was the pact of free association that was sealed between Arabs, Christians and Jews in 1488, this being an important agreement to end the continuous religious strife. The pact gave way to an age of prosperity for Mojacar that lasted for 2 centuries in fact the town reached a population of some 10,000 inhabitants in the early 18 century.

Today Mojar is a beautiful Spanish village, with its characteristic white houses, and a well known tourist destination during the summer months.

There is an urban legend, of course, never confirmed, that says that Walt Disney was born here in Mojacar, the illegitimate son of a doctor and a beautiful laundress, who then migrated to Chicago and gave her son up for adoption.

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