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Festivals and Food in Marbella

Festivals in Marbella | Food in Marbella




La Feria de Marbella
. Marbella’s main festival celebrates the patron saint of the city, San Bernabe, during the second week of June; is divided in two parts, the feria de dia, during the day, is held in the town’s center and the feria de noche, at night time, is held in the Arroyo Primero area. People gather to enjoy the event, with music, food and entertainment.

Festival de Arte. Marbella’s Art Festival is held every year in June and is home to international artists. www.festivaldeartemarbella.com

Marbella International Film Festival. This film festival is a showcase for movies from all over the world. Normally it takes place in the month of October.  www.marbellafilmfestival.com



The traditional cuisine of Marbella is typical of the Malaga coast, where fried fish cannot miss, like the classic “boquerones” (fried anchovies), squid, mackerel or red mullet. 
Among the desserts, we can mention the “torta de aceite” (made with olive oil), the “roscos de vino” (donuts made with sweet wine and anise) and the “churros” (long fried pastry served with hot chocolate).
 Marbella hosts all kinds of international restaurants catering for all tastes.

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