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About Manilva

About Manilva | Info on Manilva



Population: 14.168 - Altitud: 128 mt - Website: www.ayto-manilva.es

Situated in the southern province of Malaga, just 35 km from Gibraltar, Manilva is a small white village perched on a hill, 2 km from the sea. Part of its territory are San Luis de Sabinillas and La Duquesa, two sea holiday resorts relying on tourism and on the large number of foreign residents throughout the year.

Historically, because of its position, just a step away from the Strait of Gibraltar, Manilva's territories have been inhabited by all the people who passed here over the centuries, including the Romans, who left evidence such as the Castillo de La Duquesa.

Its more recent history is linked to the nearby village of Casares, of which Manilva formed part of while it was still "El Condado de Casares" in the sixteenth century. In 1528 Charles V gave the order to build a watch tower, which years later was transformed into a farmhouse and was inhabited by the first manilveños, and this became the village of Manilva.

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