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Festivals and Food in Malaga

Festivals in Malaga | Food in Malaga




The Semana Santa, Easter Holy week. Malaga and its people celebrate the event in a spectacular fashion: huge decorated thrones with figures of Virgin and Saints, are carried on the streets on the shoulders of the "penitents" covered by a frightening black hood. These thrones or floats can be quite heavy, they are real walking chapels of over 5,000 kilos swung by dozens of bearers. Even if it’s a religious procession you’ll be amazed by the noise and the “street party” atmosphere of this event.

The Feria de Malaga. Malaga’s festival. Another event rich in tradition and deeply felt by the Malagueños, is held from the second Friday of August and goes on for 10 days. It’s a big party with shows, concerts, and plenty of food. During the day the Feria is celebrated in the city center and at night it shifts to the Recinto Ferial, the fairground area. The women are all dressed in a typical flamenco suit, from young girls to grandmothers.

Málaga Air Show (FAM) www.festivalaereomalaga.com. It 'an incredible air show held every year on the first Sunday in September, in the beach of La Malagueta, usually also the Spanish Red Arrows, the “Patrulla Aguila”, attend the event.



To die of hunger in Malaga is impossible. At every corner, especially in the center, you'll find cafes and bars offering all sorts of tapas (appetizers) and the “fritura Malagueña”, tasty local fried fish.

The gazpacho soup is very popular and consists of a cold soup of tomatos, onions, peppers, bread and olive oil, perfect to fight the summer heat.

The boquerones are fried anchovies, to enjoy with a glass of chilled white wine, or a caña, a cold draught beer. If you'd like to eat on the beach, take a walk to the Malagueta, and try some Espetos, chargrilled skewered sardines, in one of the many chiringuitos (beach restaurants).

The nightlife in Malaga is lively to say the least, action is everywhere in the city center, with the best spots being around Plaza de la Merced, Plaza Mitjana (also called Plaza del Marqués Vado Maestre) and Plaza de Uncibay.

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