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About Jerez de la Frontera

About Jerez de la Frontera | Info on Jerez de la Frontera



Population: 208,800 - Altitude: 56 Mt - Website: www.turismojerez.com

Jerez de La Frontera is part of the province of Cadiz, located at 40 kilometers from the provincial capital. Jerez is also considered a capital, but not in geographical terms, being known as the capital of sherry, flamenco and horses, the famous Andalusian purebred.

Like in most of Andalucia’s main cities the Moorish legacy is clearly visible in many of Jerez lankmarks, starting from its own name, in fact, the Moors called the city  "Scheris", subsequently turned into Xerez or Jerez, both the names of the famous wine and the city. 
When in the thirteenth century Alfonso X conquered Jerez, he was able to give the town even greater splendor, widening its streets and directing its economy towards a period of economic boom. 

The discovery of America in 1492 contributed to boost this development, but even in less prosperous times like during the seventeenth century, the city managed to maintain a good political and economical balance, avoiding the decadence suffered by neighboring cities.

The sherry wine industry has always being a source of great prosperity for Jerez, Already in the 16th century in William Shakespeare’s England, sherry was a very popular wine, like today where Xerez is exported worldwide.

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