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About Huelva

About Huelva | Info on Huelva



Population: 148.918 - Altidute: 0/71 - Website: www.huelva.es

Huelva is one of the eight provincial capitals of Andalusia and is very close to Portugal, in the so called "Tierra llana", the flat lands where the rivers Tinto and Odiel meet.

The city has always been a meeting point of civilizations and cultures. In 2006, prehistoric remains have been found dating between 2500 and 3000 BC, which would signal Huelva as the oldest settlement in Spain. In any case, 1000 B.C. is regarded by historians as the year of foundation of the urban core of "Onoba" (from which derives the current name of Huelva, as the capital "onubense").

After the Phoenicians, founders of Huelva, the Romans arrived, and as a bearing testimony to this historical period, remains the aqueduct, which still continues to supply the city. In the nineteenth century, with the exploitation of copper mines in the north of the province, there was a significant process of industrialization and growth, which continued even during the twentieth century thanks to the chemical industry.

Today Huleva lives mainly on the service sector and fisheries, having a large fishing fleet and one of the largest fleets of boats-freezers of the country. In recent years the City is fomenting tourism programs for the development of the territory, so far affected by environmental degradation, due to high concentration of chemicals and metals in its soil.

Finally, we must not forget that Christopher Columbus lived here for a while before setting sail for the America's. You can see the statues of the navigator in the National Park, at the University and the Plaza de Toros.


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