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Festivals and Food in Granada

Festivals in Granada | Food in Granada




La Semana Santa. The holy week in Granada precedes Easter Sunday and is characterized by a colorful processions, with various brotherhoods parading the streets, creating a special atmosphere especially when some night processions are held at candlelight.

El Dia de la Cruz. The Cross Day is celebrated on 3rd of May, in the old town the balconies of all of the houses are adorned with crosses and the festivity is the start of three days of celebrations.

The Corpus Christi festival is Granada’s main event; begins 60 days after Easter Sunday and lasts a week. The celebrations include concerts, dances, music, exhibitions and entertainments of various kinds.

The Music and Dance International Festival. It takes place between June and July and lasts three weeks. The shows are held in various historic sites, including the Alhambra.

Granada Jazz Festival. This festival is one of the most important for jazz music in Spain, is usually held in November and hosts national and international jazz stars.


Granada is famous for its "free tapas", or appetizers which are served when you order a drink. And it's not chips or peanuts, but small plates with Spanish tortilla, meatballs or ham, just to name a few tapas; a good choice is to try the local beer, the Alhambra, one of the best Spanish beers.

Granada is a university city, and being full of students it has consequently a busy nightlife. Normally, the liveliest area is concentrated between Calle de Elvira, Plaza Nueva and El Realejo.

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