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About Granada

About Granada | Info on Granada



Population: 239,100 – Altitude: 738 Mt – Website: www.granadatur.com

Granada is without doubt one of the most fascinating and historic cities not only of Spain, but of the whole world.
 Located in the heart of Andalucia, at the foot of the famous Sierra Nevada mountains, the city is the jealous keeper of a precious past, where its Islamic imprint is still clear and visible.

When in the first decades of the 13th century, Seville and Cordoba were conquered by the Catholics troops of Castile, the Moorish population fled to Granada, where the autonomous Emirate, ruled by the Nasrid dynasty, was still powerful and lush; a vivid example of this period is the Alhambra, a proper “city-palace” within the city.

Granada managed to avoid for centuries to be conquered by the Christians, becoming a tributary and a supplier (even of troops) of the Kingdome of Castile, with the city population reaching almost 350,000 units. But in January 1492 Granada last Emir surrendered to the Catholic Kings, with Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon taking control of the city, one of the last Andalusian Moorish enclaves to fall.

Today Granada is a lively city fuelled by its important university, where tourism and agriculture are the most important voices of the local economy.
In Granada you will find bars in every corner of the city, and plenty of hotels, restaurants and endless opportunity to have fun.

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