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About Fuengirola

About Fuengirola | Info on Fuengirola



Population: 71,700 – Altitude: 6 Mt – Website: www.visitafuengirola.com

Fuengirola is a municipality in the province of Malaga, situated in the popular Costa del Sol.
The town is a well known tourist resort, boasting a busy nightlife and a preferred destination for British and Northern European tourists, mainly because of its privileged climate all year round.

The Phoenicians founded Fuengirola, and over the centuries Romans, Visigoths and Moors claimed this land, until in 1485 the town was incorporated in the Kingdome of Castile after the Christian Reconquest.

Fuengirola always remained a small fishing village as its development was blocked for centuries by the constant scourge represented by pirate attacks, which were especially harsh on this side of the Mediterranean Sea. In 1841 Fuengirola became independent from Mijas to gain the title of municipality on its own.

Nowadays there are only few traces left of the ancient fishing village, as Fuengirola is a nonstop stretch of hotels, apartment buildings and attractions, where tourism represents the engine of the local economy.

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