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Festivals and Food in Estepona

Festivals in Estepona | Food in Estepona




Los Reyes Magos. On Epiphany day, a long procession of decorated wagons parade through the city streets, with the Three Kings throwing candies and various gifts to the children; this celebration is held in every corner of the peninsula because in Spain Christmas gifts are brought by the Three Kings and not by Santa Claus.

La Feria de San Isidro. A rural festival celebrated on the 14th and 15th of May, with a procession in honor of the saint, which ends in the sanctuary located in the Pedregales park. The streets of Estepona get busy displaying local agricultural products and machinery.

La Feria. Estepona main festival is held at the beginning of July, with the feria de dia, at daytime, celebrated in the old town and the feria de noche, at night time, in the local fairground, with food stalls, concerts, events and funfairs for children.



The traditional Malaga and Andalucian cuisine represent Estepona's gastronomy. The boquerones (fried anchovies) cannot be missed, especially in summertime in a chiringuito restaurant on the beach.

A typical winter dish is the “puchero”, a soup made with meat, peas, carrots and other vegetables, served with noodles or just with bread; a dish that reaches its best when prepared by a local grandmother.

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