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About El Puerto de Santa Maria

About El Puerto de Santa Maria | Info on El Puerto de Santa Maria



Population: 88,500 - Altitude: 10 Mt - Website: www.turismoelpuerto.com

El Puerto de Santa Maria is a town located in the Bay of Cadiz, at the mouth of the river Guadalete, and just 10 Km away from Cadiz itself.
 El Puerto de Santa Maria name dates back to the thirteenth century, when it was conquered by Alfonso X the Christian who just named the place as Santa Maria.

Christopher Columbus, lived here for three years, from 1483 to 1486, and it was here that he met Juan de la Cosa, the owner of the Santa Maria ship, one of the three caravels which set sail in 1492 to the discovery of the New Continent. 
El Puerto de Santa Maria reached its golden age in the eighteenth century, when the flourishing business with the Americas brought massive wealth and the town was nicknamed the city of the 100 palaces.

Today El Puerto is a lively Spanish town, well known for its beaches, its landscapes and the sherry bodegas (sherry wineries).

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