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What to see in El Castillo de las Guardas

What to see and do in El Castillo de las Guardas



The Church of San Juan Bautista. It’s probably a building dating back to the Arabic domination period, with later Renaissance elements added. During the Spanish Civil War many of its treasures were lost, but are still possible to admire some of the images and objects of worship.

La Muralla del Castillo. The Castle Walls, now only its remains are left, which can be found in the most elevated part of the town. There is a debate on its origins, some claim is Moorish other say it’s Christian.

The Megaliths. Located in the Dehesa de Abajo, the lower grasslands, these are burial mounds built with stones placed vertically in the shape of a circle or a rectangle.

The Minas de Rio Tinto. The Rio Tinto mines are positioned east of the city, at about thirty kilometers from El Castillo, near Aracena in Huelva’s province. It’s the largest open air mine in Europe and is characterized by the red color of its river.

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