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About El Castillo de las Guardas

About El Castillo de las Guardas | Info on El Castillo de las Guardas



Population: 1,600 - Altitude: 350 Mt - Website: www.elcastillodelasguardas.es

El Castillo de las Guardas is part of the province of Seville, and is located in the Sierra Norte mountain range, 60 Km northeast of the Andalusian capital.

The town’s origin dates back to prehistoric times, as evidenced by the remains of several settlements. There is also evidence of the Roman presence. An entire collection of coins of the Emperor Trajan age has been indeed found in the municipal territory, just out of town.

The Moors developed and gave prestige to the village, which given the name of "Al Muniat", thanks to its impregnable walls.
 After the Christian Reconquest under Fernando the III, the village remained basically unchanged until 1647, when Carlo the III granted El Castillo de las Guardas the category of "villa" or town.

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