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ELECMOVE Cycling (Seville)

Elecmove Cycling, Seville, Spain


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c/ Castelar, 9
41001 Sevilla

Tel. +34 954 215 925

Elecmove is the only company in Seville that rents out, sells, repairs and organise tours with Electric Bikes.

Seville is a bike friendly city with more than 120 km of cycling lanes, 3.000 hours of sun yearly and beautiful parks and monuments. Elecmove makes it possible to explore the city on a unique, personal and effortless way!

The elelctric bikes can be rent 2 hours for € 10,00, a half day for € 20,00 or a whole day for € 35,00 including helmets and locks.
Contact Elecmove if you want to rent the bikes for longer time.

Elecmove offers as well 3 Guided Tours in several languages and always private or in small groups:

1) "Introducing Seville" Tour
A perfect way to explore the city if you are in Seville for the first time. For 2,5 hours a guide will show you the most beautiful and main sites of Seville revealing the fascinating stories of this historical city!

2) "Seville Adventurous" Tour
Do you already know Seville's main monuments and do you want to see the hidden sites of the city? Travel in time with Elecmove and see sites that not everybody sees!

3) "Italica" Tour
An unique tour to the impressive ruines of the first Roman city in Spain: Italica!
From the city centre you cycle 9 km through the rural area of Seville with your guide to Italica and back. In Italica the guide will show you beautiful mosaics and statues and let you feel like a real Gladiator in one of the biggest Roman amphitheatres in the world!

Elecmove Cycling, Seville, Spain.
Elecmove Cycling, Seville, Spain.