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Festivals and Food in Cordoba

Festivals in Cordoba | Food in Cordoba




La batalla de las Flores. The battle of the flowers is celebrated on the last Sunday of April and marks the beginning of the Cordobese Month, the month of celebrations in Cordoba. Colorful carriages cross the narrow streets where people from the balconies above throw flowers, usually carnations.

Las Cruces de Mayo. In early May, it’s a 4 days celebration, a procession/competition where different brotherhoods carry crosses adorned with flowers.

The Cordobese Patios competition. Is held in the middle of May, and lasts 10 days. The beautiful inner patios of the Cordobese houses in the old town are adorned in a spectacular way; most of these inner gardens will be open to the public during the competition.

La Feria de Cordoba. Cordoba’s main festival is the great celebration of the city, takes place during the last week of May. It's a succession of events, performances, music, concerts and attractions of various kinds.



In Cordoba, the main traditional dish is the “salmorejo”, a cold soup made with bread, tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, salt and vinegar. It’s very similar to the “gazpacho andaluz” (typical of southern Andalusia) but without the pepper (...and is better not to make this comment while in town).

Another typical dish is the “rabo de toro”, literally, a stew made with the tail of the bull. Also in Cordoba you will find a good selection of Jamon de Bellota, the best quality Iberian ham.

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