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About Conil de la Frontera

About Conil de la Frontera | Info on Conil de la Frontera


Population: 21,300 – Altitude: 41 Mt – Website: www.turismo.conil.org

Conil de la Frontera is a beautiful coastal town located south east of Cadiz, at approximately 45 kilometers from the provincial capital.
Conil faces the Atlantic Ocean and has 17 km of fine sandy beaches, a long uninterrupted stretch of sand that is replaced by small cliffs, dotted by nice coves, at its western corner, an area called “las calas de Roche”.

The town of Conil is a typical Andalusian village, with Arabic influence in every detail, like low houses, narrow streets, white walls, courtyards and squares.
The word 'de la Frontera' (of the Frontier) at the end of town names in the Cadiz region dates back to the Catholic Reconquest when Christians and Moors were fighting to regain the territory they had lost. The border between the two forces was constantly changing hence the words “de la Frontera” was attached to the name of towns where the line between the two armies stood at the time.

Conil today is a popular tourist destination, full of bars and cafes that attract people from every corner of Spain, as well as from abroad. The pinewood in the Roche area, just outside town, is a pleasant and refreshing place, especially in summertime, where you will find manors and rural accommodations.

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