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What to see in Chiclana

What to see and do in Chiclana



The Iglesia de San Juan Baptista. This church was built between the end of 18th century and the early 19th; it’s an interesting example of the neoclassical style.

La Torre del Reloj. The clock tower, one of Chiclana’s landmarks, as the buildings overlooks the city.

Sancti Petri’s castle, built on the ruins of the Roman Temple of Hercules, which in turn was raised on the ruins of another Phoenician temple, built in honor of Melkart.

La Bodega del Santoro. This is one of the most famous “bodegas” in Chiclana, that produces the Fino, the very sweet sherry wine used as an aperitif. www.bodegamanuelaragon.com

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