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Festivals and Food in Cazorla

Festivals in Cazorla | Food in Cazorla



The Caracolada. Festivity celebrated between the 14 and 15 of May in honor of the Patron Saint of Cazorla, Saint Isicio. The name Caracolada is taken from the empty snail shells (caracoles) that are used to contain the candels, which are lightened up during the religious procession.

The International Blues Festival. At the end of July, big names from the world of Blues and Soul gathers in Cazorla to celebrate the event.

La Fiesta del Cristo del Consuelo.
A religious celebration that starts on September the 14th, with the ceremony for the harvest, and lasts three days. And right after La Feria begins, Cazorla’s festival, with music, dance, and food stalls.


The food in Cazorla is based on local products. Game meat, vegetables, freshwater fish and wheat are the raw material for the local dishes.
And of course the olive oil, produced from the extensive olive groves that cover the area.

Las Gachamigas (small bread crumbs, fried with bacon and peppers) or veggie and mushrooms pies are just some of the dishes to try.

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