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About Casares

About Casares | Info on Casares



Population: 5,100 -  Altitude: 435 Mt - Website: www.casares.es

Casares is a whitewashed village situated in the province of Malaga, between Marbella and Gibraltar. The town is perched on a mountain 15 km from the sea and is considered one of the nicest and more characteristic villages of the Malaga area, with its maze of white houses and narrow winding streets intersecting each other.

Casares is also known to be the birthplace of Blas Infante, a politician, lawyer and writer who was born here in 1885, considered the father of Andalusia, the man behind the idea of an autonomus region within Spain, killed in 1936 by Franco's troops.

The Casares that you can admire today has Arabic origins, although the town was built by the Romans. Julius Caesar himself gave the order, in gratitude for having being healed from his diseases thanks to the sulphurous waters and the curative mud of the Hedionda baths, waterfalls and pools located just outside town, while he was on his way back to Rome.

Currently, the most touristically exploited area of Casares is the one that overlooks the Mediterranean sea. Many complex have been built like in the rest of the Costa del Sol to accommodate tourists and foreign residents, although Casares is still one of the towns that better managed to preserve its original Andalusian flavour.

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