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Festivals and Food in Cartaya - El Rompido

Festivals in Cartaya and El Rompido | Food in Cartaya and El Rompido




Las Fiestas de la Virgen del Rosario. It 'a religious festival in honor of the Virgin patron of Cartaya. It is celebrated the first Sunday in October, with a large procession, and ends up in the local fairground as a big party, with folk dances, music and food stalls.

La Fiesta de El Rompido. El Rompido’s festival is celebrated during the last weekend of July, with a procession in honor of the Virgin of Carmen, with boats crossing the Rio Tinto, throwing flowers in its waters as an offer to the Virgin.


The local cuisine is based on seafood, including the famous white shrimp. A typical dish is el choco (cuttlefish), served with potatoes and sauce or simply fried.

Among the products from the land, you will find a good selection of local fruit like strawberries, oranges, peaches, grapes or figs, as well as almonds.

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