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About Cartaya - El Rompido

About Cartaya and El Rompido | Info on Cartaya and El Rompido



Population: 18,400 - Altitude: 18 Mt - Website: www.ayto-cartaya.es

Cartaya is a town in the province of Huelva, built on the inland plain of the River Piedras, which flows into the Atlantic Ocean approximately 8 Km south of the town.

Cartaya’s territory includes more than 4 Km of beaches, a sand strip set on the Costa de la Luz, where you will find the village of El Rompido, a popular beach, with two lighthouses and a beautiful harbour.

Its name dates back to the Phoenicians, when it was called Carteia. Even the Romans left their mark, which can be found in the salt factories. But the construction of a real city had to do with the need of blocking the pirates attacks, who were sailing into the river Pietras to attack the local villages.

Cartaya has lived for centuries of fishing and farming, but today the most important industry is definetely tourism.

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