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What to see in Carmona

What to see and do in Carmona



The Puerta de Sevilla, the entry gate into Carmona’s old town.

The Alcazar, The palace-fortress that stands right above the Puerta de Sevilla, is a legacy of the Moors and was considered impregnable.
You can visit it by entering the below Centro de Recepcion Turistica.

The Santa María Church. Built over a mosque dating back to the sixteenth century. Interesting to visit is the museum, which is right behind the church.

The Puerta de Cordoba. An entry gate built by the Romans and the part of the ancient city walls, is the gate through which the Via Aurelia was passing.

The Necropolis. Discovered accidentally at the end of the nineteenth century, is the ancient Roman cemetery. You can see hundreds of burial chambers carved into the rock and funeral paintings dating back to more than 2000 years.

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