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Festivals and Food in Carmona

Festivals in Carmona | Food in Carmona



The Feria de Carmona, Carmona’s festival. It’s celebrated during the third week of May. Has ancient origins, dating back to 1466, when Carmona was given the honor to have an annual fair. Competitions, music, food and entertainment will keep you busy.

The Pilgrimage of the Virgen de la Gracia. It’s a religious event, highly regarded by the people of Carmona, is held on the first Sunday in September and consists of a procession of about one kilometer.

Romeria de San Mateo. On September 21, a pilgrimage that celebrates the capture of the city by the Christian King Ferdinand III in 1247, that “liberated” Carmona from the Moorish domination.


The Tapas. The Spanish appetizers, here in Carmona there is a tapas route sponsored by the municipality, with the slogan "Carmona des tapa"; a tour of selected tapas bars throughout the city, you will recognize the bars from a blue and white tile at the entrance.

In Carmona you should try some local dishes, such as chickpeas with spinach or the local gazpacho (soup with tomato, peppers, onions, garlic and bread).

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