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About Carmona

About Carmona | Info on Carmona



Population 28,300 - Altitude 253 Mt - Website: www.carmona.es

Carmona is a beautiful town, rich in history and monuments, located just 30 km east of Seville. Built on a hill overlooking a large valley, the town lies at the foot of the majestic Sierra Morena mountain range.

At the time of Julius Caesar, Carmona reached its apex being one of the most important cities of the whole Iberian Peninsula.
You can see the ancient Roman presence in every corner, with its highlight in the great Via Aurelia, the road that was connecting Rome to Cadiz, that crosses Carmona from side to side.

The Moorish domination also left a great mark, the city walls were erected together with squares and fountains to embellish the town. 
Finally, in 1247 Ferdinand III of Castile conquered the city, opening a breach in the defensive walls. Over time, churches, buildings and monasteries were built, turning Carmona into one of the nicest cities in Andalucia.

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