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What to see in Carboneras

What to see and do in Carboneras



El Castillo de San Andres. The San Andres Castle is located in Carboneras center, was built in the sixteenth century to defend the city. Currently hosts concerts and other cultural activities.

La Isla de San Andrés. San Andres island stands in the Mediterranean waters just a few hundred meters from the coast, opposite the old city, is an island of volcanic origin shaped as a whale, a great place to explore by boat, and even more the depths surrounding the island are perfect to be discovered snorkelling or scuba diving.

Las Torres Vigias. The watch towers are the Torre del Rayo, the oldest, and the Mesa de Roldan, both built to spot the pirates while approaching Carboneras.

Los Molinos, the mills. There are only two mills, one will become Carboneras tourist office and the other will be renewed by the municipality.

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