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Things to do in Cadiz

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Population: 125,800 - Altitude: 11 Mt - Website: www.cadiz.es

Cadiz, located on the west coast of Andalucia, is always being considered an important and iconic city in Spain, and is also a provincial capital.
The city is literally surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean being built on a peninsula, and is connected to the mainland only by a narrow strip of land; the town is full of beautiful beaches and hosts a busy nightlife during the summer (and beyond).

Cadiz origins date back to 1100 BC, and is considerd to be one of Europe’s oldest cities, which reached its peak during the Roman era, when it was called Gades and was an important naval base.
Also the Moors had great influence on the city, their domination lasted for more than 500 years.

After the Catholic Reconquest and the discovery of the new continent, Cadiz importance grown, fact is that Christopher Columbus set sail from Cadiz twice in the direction of the Americas.

In the eighteenth century Cadiz experienced a period of prosperity when through its port it gained the monopoly of the trade with the Americas, stealing the scene and the fame to the nearby Seville.

But it didn’t last long, and after that Spain lost all the colonies in the American continent, Cadiz started to decline, a decline from which the city never really recovered.

Cadiz is still a beautiful city, rich in monuments, buildings and history, a place with a magic atmosphere.

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