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What to see in Cabo de Gata

Cabo de Gata, Almeria, Spain. Photo by Manel RodrÌguez, www.flickr.com/photos/ma



The Salinas of Cabo de Gata, the salt pools located north-west of the Cabo de Gata lighthouse. These are the natural habitat for more than 140 species of birds that migrate to Africa every year and stop here to nest and reproduce. The most famous is the pink flamingo, but there are also herons, storks, magpies, hawks, eagles and various reptiles.

The Lighthouse of Cabo de Gata, built in 1863, on the patio of the Castle of San Francisco de Paula, now reduced to a small wall. It overlooks the Mediterranean from the top of the Sirens Cliffs, from where you can enjoy an incredible scenery, made of crystal clear waters, bays and coves, long beaches and arid mountains at the back. 
It is said that sailors once mistook the verses of the monk seals that inhabited these waters with the songs of the Sirens, hence the name of the cliff.

The small town of San Josè, an ancient fishing village which turns into a laid back tourist destination during the summer months. 
Inserted in a bay between two rocky hills, boasts beautiful beaches such as the Playa de los Genoveses (1 km long) and the Playa de Monsul (where there is a rock shaped like a wave).

The village of Rodalquilar, situated in the Natural Park, between the old disused mines. La Casa de los Vulcanes, the Volcan’s House is set at the entrance of the mines, is a house museum, with old posters, photographs, images, and the remains of volcanic and geological formations.

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