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Festivals and Food in Cabo de Gata

Festivals in Cabo de Gata | Food in Cabo de Gata




La feria de Nijar, Nijar’s municipality festival, of which the village of San Josè is part. It’s celebrated every year in October and in fact is called the "feria de otoño", the Fall festival. A week or so of entertainment, food and music.

La noche de San Juan. It celebrates the start of the summer with a party on the beach, on the night of the 23rd of June.

Various Festivals. Different shows are held during the summer time like concerts, plays and comedies, the showcase and the dates vary each year.



Try one of the many restaurants in San Josè, serving fresh fish at a good price and have something to drink in one of the bars in Las Negras.

If you want to buy fresh fish go to the beach of Agua Amarga. Here the fishermen use boats as a table for the sale of fish.

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