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About Cabo de Gata

About Cabo de Gata | Info on Cabo de Gata



Population: 28,900 across Nijar municipality – Altitude: from 0 to 493 Mt – Website: www.otraespeciedeturismo.com

The Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Níjar is located on the coast of Almeria to the east of the provincial capital. It consists of two parts: the inland area with coves, cliffs overlooking the sea and mountains of volcanic origin and the marine area with clear waters, excellent visibility and a rich marine life.

It's the biggest natural park of Andalucia, in 1997 was declared a biosphere reserve by Unesco and in 2001 was included in the protected areas of the Mediterranean sea.

The small village of San Jose is the more characteristic settlement of the whole park with its population not reaching the 1000 units during the winter months and climbing up to more than 20,000 during the summer months.

Nearly 100 films were shot in this protected area. The most famous are "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" (scenes were shot on the beach of Monsul) and "Talk to Her" Pedro Almodovar’s famous movie.

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