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I Urban Trail Malaga


Tomorrow the first edition of the Malaga Urban trail will be held in the historical center of the Costa del Sol capital city.

A nice 8 kilometers run along the streets of Malaga, passing by the cathedral, the narrow streets of the center, and all the way up to the Alcazaba, and around de Gibralfaro Castle; but what is so special about this run? Well, apart from the beautiful scenario, the special thing is that it's a night run (or early evening, for the Spanish), in fact the race starts at 10 o'clock at night, and the runners will have to deal also with the darkness factor, at least in the trail surrounding the Alcazaba, for the rest of the circuit maybe the word darkness is a little bit too strong, I think shade factor will be more appropriate, as we all know city lights may help.

And there is also a kids run, open to kids between 6 and 12 years old, which length is just less than 1,5 Kilometers, still not bad if you think my 7 years old gets really tired just after a 100 meters walk from the house to the supermarket.
Anyhow the small people race will be held at 9.30 at night (or very late afternoon for the Spanish).

The race difficulty grade is moderate, and the only real challenge can be posed by running up to the Alcazaba, ascending up to 125 meters, there is a climb to do of around 288 meters.

So put on your Decathlon head lights and run or walk, if you prefer, to Malaga; the race is organized by Malaga's running club Chiprunning Trail.