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Festivals and Food in Benalmadena

Festivals in Benalmadena | Food in Benalmadena



The Feria of Benalmadena, Benalmadena’s festival, celebrated in the second week of August. Music, dances, competitions, and food stalls will keep you going day and night during this week.

Benalmadena's Nightlife. Virtually all year, with extreme peaks in the summer months, the strip of coastline is filled with tourists and the various bars and clubs open all night rhyme.

The Festival de Verano. The Summer Festival. During the whole summer period, a range of concerts, movies, plays and comedies are displayed in the Parque de la Paloma, in Benalmadena’s center.

Festival de Cine, Benalmadena's Film Festival. This short movie film festival is celebrated every year in April to promote Latin films in the international market.


Benalmadena doesn’t stand out for its typical dishes. The food here is international and so it’s easy to run into intersting culinary blends.

If you want to play it safe, order a plate of boquerones (fried anchovies) in a chiringuito on the beach, accompanied with a cold Caña, a draught beer served in small or medium glass (usually a Cruz Campo).

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