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About Barbate - Caños de Meca

About Barbate and Caños de Meca | Info on Barbate and Caños de Meca



Population 23,000 Altitude 10 Mt Website: www.turismobarbate.es

Barbate is located 64 km south-east of Cadiz, directly on the Atlantic Ocean and hosts a long beach of fine white sand.
Heading north-west from Barbate’s port, the Natural Park of La Breña y Marismas begins, a large green area made up primarily of pine trees, overlooking high cliffs that drop into the Ocean.

At the other end of the Natural Park lies Caños de Meca, with its famous landmark: Cape Trafalgar. The village retains its original hippy atmosphere, even if in the last years is turning more and more into a tourist destination. Still is a perfect place to relax enjoying the sun and the sea.

Of course the Battle of Trafalgar is the most relevant historical fact.
On October 21, 1805, in the waters facing Caños and Barbate took place the most famous naval battle of history. On one side the French-Spanish fleet, commanded by Admiral Pierre Villeneuve and Federico Gravina, and on the other the British fleet, commanded by Lord Nelson, who sought the downfall of the Napoleonic Empire.
The battle started at dawn, with stormy sea conditions, and ended with a great victory for the British Royal Navy, which had a smaller fleet (33 ships againts the 41 of the Franco-Spanish).
This had been possible both for the successful tactics applied by the English and the disastrous decisions took by the French and Spanish commanders.
 The British did not lose a single vessel, while the French / Spanish lost 22 ships.
 The death toll was shocking, in a single day more than 5,000 lives were lost, including that of Nelson himself. The ocean and the sky surrounding the area took a dark and gloomy color due to the gun's smoke, with thousands of bodies floating along with the remains of sinking ships.


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