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About Ayamonte

About Ayamonte | Info on Ayamonte



Population: 20,500 - Altitude: 60 Mt - Website: www.ayamonte.es

Ayamonte is part of the province of Huelva and is the last town in Spain before the border with Portugal. The Guadiana River flows into the Atlantic Ocean next to the city, making it the natural border, and it’s surmounted by a 2 km long bridge that connects the two countries.

Ayamonte’s history has been marked by several dominations. After the Moorish reign, there has been a constant struggle between Spain and Portugal, given the position of Ayamonte. At the end the Spaniards got the prize.

Even Christopher Columbus spent some time in Ayamonte. He received hospitality from Rodrigo de Xerez, who later accompanied him in his travels and was the first to introduce tobacco to Europe.

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