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About Arcos de la Frontera

About Arcos de la Frontera | Info on Arcos de la Frontera



Population: 31,000 - Altitude: 185 Mt - Website: www.turismoarcos.es

Arcos is located 67 km from Cadiz, in the interior of the province. The town lies along a hill near the river Guadalete and represents the starting point of the ruta de los pueblos blancos, the route of the white villages, a must see journey to discover the real heart of Andalucia.

Like most of the towns in Andalucia, Arcos saw the Romans domination first and then the Moors ruling shortly after, during this long reign the outer walls were built and so the characteristic system of narrow streets and alleys. The Catholics Kings regained possession of these lands and the situation remained almost unchanged until the tragic earthquake of 1755.

Nowadays Arcos is becoming more and more a rural and cultural tourist destination.

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