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What to see in Aracena

What to see and do in Aracena



La Gruta de las Maravillas, not to be missed.
 It is said that at the beginning of the twentieth century a boy who was looking for his pig discovered this natural marvel. It 's a natural cave, carved into the rocks and washed by the waters of an underground river, it consists of twelve rooms communicating through a long tunnel.

The Castle of Aracena, from the XIII century, built on an ancient Muslim fort.

The Museum of Contemporary Art, opened in 1983, it’s an open air museum. Literally on the street, hosts about fifty sculptures with the dual purpose of beautifying the city and of bringing the art closer to the people.

Las minas del Rio Tinto. Located at 33 km to the south, it's a mining complex characterized by the red waters of the river, poor in oxygen and rich in iron sulphate; a Mars like scenario where also Nasa had performed experiments due to the unique conditions of this environment.

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