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About Antequera

About Antequera | Info on Antequera



Population: 45,200 - Altitude: 575 Mt - Website: www.antequera.es

Antequera is located in Malaga’s province, 47 km north from the capital of the Costa del Sol. Antequera is known as the heart of Andalucia for its equidistant position from the main regionals cities of Malaga, Cordoba, Granada and Seville.

During the Roman times the city was known as Antikaria, but its origins seems to be more remote, as evidence were found in several excavations in the area. During the Arab domination, which lasted until 1410, Antequera was renamed Medina caries.
An important political center in more recent times, Antequera was the site where in 1883 the federal Constitution for Andalucia was first drawn, and in 1978, the town was the seat of the so called Pact of Antequera which led to the regional independence of Andalucia.

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