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About Andujar

About Andujar | Info on Andujar



Pop 39,000 - Altitude 212 Mt - Website: www.andujar.es

Andújar is the largest municipality in the province of Jaen and is situated right at the foot of the famous Sierra Morena mountain range.

According to archaeological studies, the first settlers of the Andujar area were called "Oretani", who were part of the Iberians, the population who gave the name to the Iberian Peninsula.
 Romans and Arabs also left their mark as in the rest of Andalucia.

The French troops occupied the city in 1808, and remained here for over twenty years, until 1835 when the first indipendent Andalucia soverign body was created in Andujar. 
Andujar was also the scenario of a bloody battle that took place in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War.

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