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About the Alpujarra

About Alpujarra | Info on Alpujarra



Population: Approx 25,000 throughout the region - Altitude: from 400 Mt to 1470 Mt
Websites: www.aytoorgiva.org / www.lanjaron.es

The Alpujarra or Alpujarras is a mountain area located south of the Natural Park of the Sierra Nevada, near Granada, a territory filled with numerous small rural towns. This sub region is divided between the provinces of Granada and Almeria and takes its name from the arab word Al-Busherat, land of the pastures.

The most important towns are Lanjaron, famous for its mineral water, and Orgiva, a typical village in Moorish style.

 The landscape is made of valleys and mountains, here you will discover nature at its best. This is a land that inspires spirituality, more and more often in this area meditation, reiki and Buddhism courses are organized.

The greatest footprint in the history of the Alpujarras has been left by the Moors, who began their conquest in the eighth century and stayed in this region for over 700 years. During the sixteenth century when the Catholic reconquest was almost complete and the Moorish population was dispersed, some muslim families were forced to remain to explain to the new settlers the functioning of the innovative irrigation and terracing system that the Moors developed.

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