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About Alora

About Alora | Info on Alora



Pop 13,500 - Alt 220 Mt - Website: www.alora.es

Álora is a village situated 40 km from Malaga, in the mountains behind the valley of the Guadalhorce river.
It 's a typical "pueblo blanco" (white village) of Arab origins, surrounded by a unique natural setting.
The town’s landmark is its castle, now used as a cemetery.

Evidence of the presence of the Romans and Phoenicians go back to 79 BC, when the town was called Iluritanum.
 The Moors dominated and shaped this area like the rest of Andalucia until the Christian reconquest, and during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries Alora saw a period of great economic prosperity.

In the twentieth century the town lost population as many residents chose to emigrate abroad, especially in America, Germany and Switzerland.

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