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What to see in Almuñecar

What to see and do in Almuñecar


The Municipal Archaeological Museum (Calle Malaga), located in the Cueva de Los Siete Palacios (probably an ancient Roman temple), in the city center. Hosts Phoenicians, Romans and Egyptians pieces dating as far back as the seventeenth century. B.C.

The San Miguel Castle, an ancient Arab fortress, built on the remains of a Roman site from the first century. B.C., the climbing effort will be rewarded with an excellent view.

The Peñones de San Cristóbal are huge rock formations, two of which emerge directly from the sea, and one is lying on Almuñecar´s beach. These rocks are inhabited by numerous species of seabirds and are known for their rich underwater marine biodiversity.

La Herradura. This small town is well worth a visit, it's a typical spanish white village and its beach is nestled in a beautiful horseshoe shaped bay.

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